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This Month Only: Kanopy

We are proud to offer our patrons Kanopy, a film streaming service that offers more than 30,000 of the world's best films. Like Netflix, you can view movies on your television, laptop or phone.

Throughout the month of May our patrons can watch films, documentaries, and children's programming by visiting and then
entering their library barcode number and password.
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Gardeners' Corner with Liz

Busy day in the backyard. Moved all the vegetables and herbs I had started as seeds in pots into their new home today!  Added post and some chicken wire to keep the bunnies out!

Calling all fellow Gardeners!
The Gardener's Blog is looking to see how you "Bloom where you are planted!" Send us your favorite backyard "gardenscape" photos and we will send you some seeds!

Staff Book Review by Liz

When Life Gives You LuLuLemons by Lauren Weisberger

And life certainly has these days... until Lauren Weisberger comes along with an ice cold glass of lemonade!  A follow up to The Devil Wears Prada, this book is the perfect summer read!  Funny, fast-paced and full of unforeseen foibles and friendships, Emily Charlton takes her image consulting firm to the gossips of Greenwich, and the suburbs will never look the same again.

Towel, sunscreen, mask and this book in your bag, and you are all set for the beach this summer. Happy Reading!

Older Americans Month Book Display

Welcome to Our Online Book Display Selections in Honor of Older Americans Month

Hope you Enjoy!

Gardeners' Corner with Liz

The mini trellis really served the pea shoots well.. they love to climb and are moving along nicely!

Meanwhile, the radishes are ripe for picking!

Click here for a great radish recipe for dinner tonight

Staff Book Review by Liz

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

"The moment hung in time like a drop of honey from a spoon, heavy, golden.
Despite covering some very complex themes, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is actually an uplifting story about one women's journey back into the world of love and self-acceptance. A social misfit with a traumatic past, the novel follows the interior workings of Eleanor's mind as she is determined to find her way out of isolation and into the world we call "mainstream". Quirkiness and deadpan humor abound as the novel begs the question what it really means to be human.  A light read, that touches upon universal truths everyone can relate to, I highly recommend this book for it's portrayal of what it means to persevere!

Local History

Did you know there are 100 National Historical Sites in Huntington alone?  One of these is the Arthur Dove-Helen Torr Cottage on Centershore Road here in Centerport.  Arthur Dove was one of the most influential American artists in the early modernist movement. His wife Helen was also a painter and close friends with Georgia O'Keeffee. The couple moved into the cottage in 1938 where Dove would paint some of his most important works, finding inspiration in the area around Centerport Harbor.  Dove passed away in 1946, Torr passed passed in 1967. The cottage they shared was added to the National Register of Historic Landmarks in 2000. You can explore their paintings and learn more about the cottage in the links below.

Dove/Torr Cottage

Arthur Dove

Helen Torr

National Historical Sites in the area

Hecksher Museum - Arthur Dove Collection

Local History

The Centerport Fire Department is shown here in this postcard from 1962. Did you know New York State has a collection of thousands of historical photographs and postcards available for the public? All items are available to browse at your leisure and can be found here: